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Materials and Methods page

This page provides our most commonly requested protocols and materials for use by other labs. Here you can find information on how we grow and maintain melanocyte lines or derive new lines, and on the materials we most commonly use in these procedures. Just click on the links below, to the protocols you are interested in, or for an alphabetical listing of information about our frequently used materials.


1. Primary culture of melanoblasts/melanocytes from mouse skin

2. Immortalizing mouse melanocytes

3. Maintenance of immortal melanocytes, including melan-a, b and c

4. Note on frozen storage of pigmented melanocytes

5. Adjusting pH of RPMI 1640 culture medium

6. Keratinocyte feeder cells for melanocytes

7. Primary culture of melanocytes from human skin

8. Culture and passaging of human melanocytes

9. PPLO testing for pigmented cells (to avoid false positive)

Commonly used materials

An alphabetical listing of information on some of our more commonly used materials.


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